The best ideas come when you're bored


We solve problems through design. 

Bored markers grew out of a belief, that the best ideas come to you when you're bored. Don't believe us? There's hard science behind it. 

"When we let ourselves space out and our minds wonder, we do our most original thinking and problem solving; without distraction, your mind can go to some interesting and unexpected places. Creativity- no matter how you define or apply it- needs a push, and boredom, which allows new and different connections to form in our brain, is the most effective muse."
-Manoush Zomorodi (author of 'Bored and Brilliant')



Journey is the destination..

Our expertise is not a product, it's the process we follow.
We apply this process that fixes the problem rather than following a rigid plan which treats every challenge the same.

We not only talk to the top team but we also speak to key stakeholders to craft a meaningful and actionable problem statement, the idea is not to find out what not going well, we try and find out what could be better and what ways to solve a design problem.

So what makes us click? We're bored. We're weird. We create cool shit.



At Bored Markers, we are agnostic to the industry, our work has been spread across sectors from Television channels, to Non-profits, and from Educational institutes to High Potential Start-ups.